5 Techniques to Grow Your Construction Company

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5 Techniques To Grow Your Construction Company

Digital Marketing and Social Media Practices for Every Construction Company

There is no question that digital marketing has had an impact on the construction industry, amplifying visibility for construction companies and contractors like never before. Marketing your construction company online will enable you to measure the performance of marketing campaigns in real-time and make quick changes to strategies or content that is not performing as well as you’d hoped. You have the ability to request and receive responses from potential customers and build a relationship before the customer even picks up the phone. 

Did you know that people do over 75 percent of their research online these days? This means that potential customers find and begin forming opinions about your company before ever calling, emailing, or requesting information from an employee – talk about trusting the internet! The importance of digital marketing for construction companies and contractors cannot be overstated. Digital marketing encompasses everything from your website that provides company visibility, industry knowledge shared through social media, and the creation of sharable content to spread the word.

“The importance of digital marketing for construction companies and contractors cannot be overstated.”

A decade ago, marketing was all about the ‘hustle.’ Business owners had to be onsite, talking to prospects, and calling on leads constantly. Today, it is much simpler to have prospects find you because paid marketing platforms and social media have closed the gap between business and consumer. Having the proper marketing methods can help your construction company say goodbye to cold calling and billboards – saving you both time and money. If your business hasn’t been keeping up with digital marketing trends, it’s never too late to start. One of the techniques you should consider implementing is social media marketing and content creation, to build your market presence and awareness through the power of social media, and building strategic pages on your website to attract people searching for the products and services that you provide on Google. If you do it right, you get TWICE the bang for your buck!

Social media marketing focuses on using social media platforms to market your construction company. This type of marketing helps to create brand awareness, generate leads, and build your online reputation. A benefit of social media marketing is organic traffic, which grows as you provide informative content and post on your chosen platforms to be liked and shared. 

Here are 5 techniques to help grow your construction company’s online presence:

1. Create Brand Buzz

Your online reputation is dependent on the popularity you have online. Your website plays a part, but a construction company or contractor’s reputation is built upon reviews and testimonials. When people vouch for your services on social media, you can easily share this content. If a prospect is checking your company out online, they should find a well-managed social media page with positive comments and recommendations. This helps build trust in your brand and the services you provide without ever contacting the prospect directly. Social media buzz also includes creating a loyal brand following. You can promote your services by generating content that your followers look forward to. Consistency is key. If you are giving out weekly DIY tips but then suddenly stop posting, you may lose followers.

2. Know Your Audience

Identifying your target audience is crucial for digital marketing. Audience targeting can be done based on geographic, demographic, psychographic, or behavioral analysis of your ideal customer. The ability to be specific about who your audience is and what they want is a huge task and worth the research and effort to complete. Social media can provide insights into user information when planning to target your ideal customer for a marketing campaign. Having this knowledge is also beneficial for planning content that your ideal customer will want to engage in. 

3. Increase Website Traffic

For more people to find your construction company online, you need traffic visiting your website. Visitors can come to your website through direct traffic (typing in the URL), organic traffic (finding you through a search engine, or referral traffic (seeing your company through another website). If you are not using social for your construction business, you will only be able to tap into direct and organic traffic. Posting content to social media can improve your website traffic since search engines give weight to the content you post on your social media platforms. This means an increase in referral traffic for your website. 

4. Increase Conversions

Popularity and visibility are not the only things you should expect from your marketing efforts. Eventually, you want to see results from finding leads. Social media marketing can increase lead conversion because of improved awareness of your brand. Awareness of and trust in a construction company are two different things. Social media can help you build trust with your target audience by sharing content such as images of successful projects to testimonials of people who are happy with your services. You can also ask existing customers to leave reviews and testimonials directly on your social media pages to show social proof. 

5. Compete with Other Companies

Your competitors are ahead of the game if they are active on social media and your construction company is not. Social media platforms are an easy and fair way to monitor what your competitors are doing compared to your company. You can perform a competitive analysis on your competitors’ social media pages to identify the content your competition is sharing, find which platforms they are using, analyze what they are doing well, and identify where your marketing strategies are lacking. 

Never believe that digital marketing and social media are out of reach for a construction company. While it may seem more casual, there is no business that is inappropriate to use digital and social media for marketing purposes in today’s market. Take a look at your current marketing plans and consider the services Farmboy has to offer



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