Iowa Cigar Company Branding & E-Commerce Store Website

Founded in 1996, The Iowa Cigar Company is a local cigar shop in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Boasting the largest cigar selection in Iowa and an inviting smoking lounge for their customers, it was a no-brainer for Farmboy to take on the task of branding the business as well as creating an eye-catching website complete with an online store.

Proprietors Chad Airhart & Charlie Grask acquired the West Des Moines mainstay in late 2017. They knew their roots, so rebranding the business (formerly Pars & Cigars) needed to be thoughtful and accommodating to longstanding clientele. The direction was to have a flair of vintage, a touch of class, just a hint of smokey attitude.

Iowa Cigar Company wanted their assets to be as hands-on as they were, believing the personal touch is what keeps customers coming back just as much as a good stogie. As such Farmboy created printed assets so that staff can personalize the cigar buying experience with hand-written notes and recommendations.

For the website, it’s where function meets style. A WooCommerce store was created so the Iowa Cigar Company can sell product beyond the greater metro and Iowa.

The brand is carried through to create a cohesive and informative site that showcases not only the product but also the shop itself along with it’s inviting lounge.

Farmboy also took on the role of photographer, grabbing numerous shots of the cigar shop options, its lounge, and of course the various patrons who frequent the business.