Branding, Packaging, Illustration, & Web Development

Farmboy collaborated with Ranch Hands to develop branding, packaging, and develop a website for online sales of their products.

The Ranch Hands line is a line of skincare products professionally formulated for ranchers & hard working hands. Their tagline is straight and to the point, “you can buy crap or buy what you need.”

We had a lot of fun incorporating elements of the rancher lifestyle into the design, using a lot of earthy tones, wood grains, arid landscapes, and a fair amount of old west stars.

Ranch Hands Logos

Ranch Hands Logo Progression

Just because both the client and the firm greenlight a logo, that doesn’t always mean it’s the best mark. Farmboy took the extra time to further explore and simplify the design to where it was as versatile between products as possible.

Ranch Hands Package Close Up

Ranch Hands Package Wrap

Ranch Hands Product Wrap Plain

Ranch Hand Characters

Ranch Hands Packaging Ranch Hands Website