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5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

Email marketing is a fantastic way to stay in touch with current customers and grab new ones in the process. Often, we fill branded emails with deals, sales, coupon codes, and more to keep people opening and clicking. However, you might not be reaching your full potential. Are you making these five common email marketing…

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How A CRM Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

The buyer’s journey is never as simple as going from point A to point B. There are a lot of pit stops, twists, turns, doubts, and backtracking. Customer relationship management (CRM) allows you to track, record, and utilize customer interactions with websites, social media, customer service, and more. What Is A CRM? We know that…

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So…How Much Does A Website Cost?

My mom always told me that it’s not polite to ask how much something costs — but we all want to know how much a really nice website costs — right? Over the years at Farmboy we’ve received requests for proposals from everyone from municipalities and organizations, to entrepreneurs developing their dream. While some companies tend to hide…

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Farmboy Audience Perspective

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably told your kids that they have about an hour until bedtime. This is usually followed by a simultaneous groan of, “ONLY an hour?” On the flip side, if you’d planned to head over to the park in about an hour, you’d get the same groan, followed by, “a WHOLE…

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