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Be the Online Hero: Transformative Branding Strategies for Impact

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, content comes from every angle. It’s easier than ever to get lost in the noise of social media, emails, advertisements, podcasts, and other digital communications. Businesses are in constant competition to capture attention and leave a lasting, meaningful impression. So, how can your brand rise from the digital battleground as…

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Embracing Change: Wendy’s Journey Through Slogans and Success

Embracing Change: Wendy's Journey Through Slogans and Success Cover Image

The business world is always moving. Over time, consumers’ general lifestyles, preferences, and attitudes change. Successful organizations adapt by changing with them. Change is the only constant in the dynamic world of business. For companies to thrive, they must be willing to embrace change, whether it’s in the form of a new logo, slogan, or…

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Improve Your Marketing Strategy in 2024: Six Keys to Success

As we enter 2024, the ever-evolving marketing landscape demands a fresh approach. 2021 through 2023 was the era of the influencer, but more people are getting tired of getting “sold to” at every turn. In this era of digital dominance and rapidly changing consumer behaviors, businesses must adapt and enhance their marketing strategies to resonate…

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Lights, Camera, Action! Why High-Quality Video Matters in Marketing

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You’ve arrived. Your business has a cohesive brand, a functioning website, a decent social media following, repeat customers, and positive online reviews. So what’s left? While some business owners are content to keep trucking along at this level (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), if you’re wondering what’s next or how to elevate your brand…

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Copy Catastrophes and the Art of Copy Editing in Marketing

Copy Catastrophes and the Art of Copy Editing in Marketing Cover Image

Hello, fellow word nerds and marketing mavens! How do you feel about terrible copywriting? Picture this: You’ve crafted a brilliant marketing campaign, complete with dazzling graphics, snappy slogans, an offer that practically oozes value… But there’s one problem, one gigantic black fly in your chardonnay (this is not irony, sorry Alanis); the existing copy fails…

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