Why Marketing Is Perfect For Unleashing Your Inner Child

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Why Marketing Is Perfect For Unleashing Your Inner Child Cover Image.

 I just found out I will be speaking on a panel about Marketing in April at Grand View College. It’s got me thinking a lot about why I love what I get to do as a Marketing Director.. I get to unleash my inner child and Dream Big!

Back in the day, I was the maestro behind marketing plans for imaginary bands – posters, festival line-ups, the whole shebang. Fast forward to today, and I’m still the director of digital mayhem, dreaming up schemes that would make my childhood self proud.

Every day, I dive headfirst into the marketing playground, where nothing is too wild if you’ve got the right strategy up your sleeve. It’s like being a kid again, but with a paycheck. Who says growing up means abandoning the dream of turning your imaginary band into the biggest thing since sliced bread? (P. S. All my musical dreams came true.). Now why can’t I put that energy into other businesses we work for?

Treating marketing like an event is the secret. Just think of it as a backstage pass to creativity and strategic mischief.

It’s not a job; it’s a daily quest to keep the child in me from turning into a full-fledged adult.

In a world filled with marketing mumbo-jumbo, why not spice things up? Embrace the event mentality, break out the confetti cannons, and make your campaigns so unforgettable that even your competitors start taking notes.

Next time you’re knee-deep in marketing madness, toss aside the seriousness, and let your inner child run wild. Trust me, it’s more fun to dream big – plus, you get to call it “work.” After all, in the grand circus of marketing, it’s the fearless dreamers who steal the show and leave everyone wondering, “How did they come up with that?”

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