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Lights, Camera, Action! Why High-Quality Video Matters in Marketing

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You’ve arrived. Your business has a cohesive brand, a functioning website, a decent social media following, repeat customers, and positive online reviews. So what’s left? While some business owners are content to keep trucking along at this level (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), if you’re wondering what’s next or how to elevate your brand…

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Copy Catastrophes and the Art of Copy Editing in Marketing

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Hello, fellow word nerds and marketing mavens! How do you feel about terrible copywriting? Picture this: You’ve crafted a brilliant marketing campaign, complete with dazzling graphics, snappy slogans, an offer that practically oozes value… But there’s one problem, one gigantic black fly in your chardonnay (this is not irony, sorry Alanis); the existing copy fails…

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Crafting Excellence: How Farmboy Builds Premier Websites.

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At Farmboy Web and Marketing, we take immense pride in our ability to build better websites. Our approach sets us apart because we focus on delivering not just visually stunning front ends, but also ensuring a highly optimized back end. Our primary goal is to empower your team with the right tools to scale your…

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New Website Launch: WReeves & Associates


The Farmboy Web Development team recently relaunched an updated website for WReeves and Associates. WReeves and Associates is an organization that represents quality manufacturers of the latest, cutting-edge safety equipment and products. The ever-changing vehicles and demand for a safer work environment drive us to be the best. WReeves didn’t want over-the-top bells and whistles,…

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6 Signs Your Website May Need A Redesign

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Just like how the Walkman was once considered innovative in its time, you may find your once trendy website is now outdated. I’m not just talking about cosmetically, either. Your website is typically the first impression customers have of your business. You wouldn’t want to waste that impression by showing them an outdated representation of your business…

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