2019 DMACC Small Business Awards & Some Thoughts from an Iowa Business Owner

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DMACC Small Business Awards 2019 – Farmboy

Des Moines based Farmboy and DMACC are two great friends to Iowa small businesses. On Tuesday, September 10, Farmboy was recognized, along with five other Iowa businesses at their Seventh-Annual DMACC Small Business Awards. Farmboy received the Dennis Albaugh Award presented to an Iowa Business with a diploma from Des Moines Area Community College, for making a significant impact in their local community.

If you’re running a small business, check out the winner’s videos and apply here, for 2020.

Thanks for the support and encouragement to those who have helped Farmboy grow over the years!

Below is a statement that I had the opportunity to share that evening regarding the impact of small business on Central Iowa, the experience of being a small business ower and the impact DMACC has had on so many people, on behalf of myself and our Farmboy team, in acceptance of the award.


Back in April, I was attending the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses program here at DMACC and Jacki Boldt told me that Farmboy had been nominated for the DMACC Small Business Awards – without that I wouldn’t be here tonight, so thank you first to whoever nominated us for the recognition – I really appreciate it.

I grew up on a hog farm in SE Iowa, so don’t tell anyone I ordered the drunken steak – I do plan on smoking a pork shoulder for the Iowa – Iowa State game so hopefully that makes up for it.

Since I was a young boy, I’ve always created things, so I feel blessed that I’m now able to do that professionally .

Around 2003 I created Farmboy and worked independently with the help of 1-2 employees at times, for 15 years. 2 years ago I decided that I wanted Farmboy to last longer than me, added a few employees & became a bigger small business. I like teaching & I like learning – that’s something that’s really important in our business – never quit learning – we can make sure that happens every day in a small business.

I would say as an entrepreneur and small business owner there’s rarely a day that I don’t wake up looking forward to getting to work. There’s almost always something new to do.

I think back to all of the people who have had an impact on me, from my time growing up on a farm, 4-H leaders (these were our parents), the small school in Winfield, Iowa that I attended and the teachers and coaches that encouraged and motivated me through elementary school and into high school where I participated in State Tournaments right here in Des Moines and – I’m a DMACC Alum and currently serve on the Graphic Design Advisory Board – my HS art teacher directed me here 25 years ago & I’ve never left the Des Moines Community since. I’m married with 3 kids 3rd grade through 8th.

Currently, I’m fortunate to have an incredibly talented and supportive staff at Farmboy, and a supportive wife and family at home.

What does it mean to be a small business owner?

Not being afraid of making mistakes. It’s better if you can find someone to help you find the answers…even if it’s Google.

Having the faith to work through challenges — occasional prayers don’t hurt either.

Figuring out when to listen to your head & when to listen to your gut.

The most important thing as a small business is to have fun, you’re going to have struggles but …focus on the big picture, you will have wins and you will have losses, but it’s a long season. Thanks to DMACC and thank you for this award that I’ll accept on behalf of our team at Farmboy.

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