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2016: A Year in Review

Farmboy 2016 Logos Image

As we look onward to 2017, we wanted to take the opportunity to also look back on all we accomplished in 2016. We were blown away to see that, in 12 seemingly short months, we’ve changed considerably and are on the cusp of bigger and better things. Let’s take a look at what made 2016 a banner year for…

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10 Standard Features Every Website Should Include, Right Out of the Box

Graphical illustration of a webpage with a swiss army knife indicating various features of a website.

When you purchase various big-ticket items: cars, houses…even smaller items like computers, you have a certain expectation of what should be included with that purchase as Standard Equipment. Computers should have sufficient storage and speed to manage the basic tasks that you perform, houses should be up to code with plumbing and heating, and new…

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