From Graphic Design to Business Development

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Over the past 4 years, I have had the opportunity to step away from the day-to-day world of graphic design: juggling various projects and jobs, networking relentlessly and creating effective branding and marketing campaigns for clients of all shapes and sizes. The lifestyle I had grown to know during the previous 10 years was put on the shelf, in favor of focusing on 2 primary ventures, and Graphic Authority – each businesses that I will continue to develop and contribute to in the coming years.

My involvement with these entities went far beyond the typical “design project”, in which a designer is pulled in to make something look good, communicate a brief message and then set aside until the next “design need” arose. Rather, my talents were deployed on a weekly or even daily basis to develop a total brand image and gain an understanding of the core functions of each business. Each business was grown, from a mere “great idea”, to well-oiled systems, and now sustainable ventures that promise to bear fruit on monthly, quarterly and annual bases for many years to come. The opportunity to develop these businesses, from the inside out, gave me a great insight to the blueprint of merging effective design and precise business systems, to produce a model that simply works.

This process led me down many roads that I would have never seen, functioning simply as a graphic designer, along the path of the entrepreneur. I not only worked directly within these businesses, but also with the customers of these businesses–after all, that is the person who ultimately requires satisfaction, as it relates to the success of any business.

It is with this experience that I am once again opening the doors to new–maybe some similar, likely many different–opportunities to partner with businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs to implement plans to produce phenomenal results, as I’ve been able to experience with and Graphic Authority.

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