Got Goals?

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  1. Learn PHP (better)
  2. Become a WordPress whiz
  3. Get proficient with Corel Painter 11

…what better time than the end of the year to list out some goals for 2011?

Goals give us opportunities to grow in various areas of our businesses and our lives. They keep things fresh and get us out of the daily patterns we’ve followed for the past year…or longer! They give us an opportunity to learn, or maybe they just provide a mini-vacation a few times a week where you can put the regular “to-do” list aside.

Why do we need to put these things on paper? It provides a checklist to refer to in March, after the snow has melted. Will you be well on your way to crossing these goals off your 2011 list, or have these goals been buried in the back of the closet, behind that old pair of Doc Martens? There’s no hiding from them, they can’t get lost in the daily shuffle and if they slip your mind, no problem! You wrote them down.

So, in 2011, take up woodworking, join a sand volleyball league or volunteer at a food bank. The time you spend away from your “normal life” will reap a refreshed outlook and a revived spirit as you return to your life’s list of priorities.

Now, let me get back to the 4th goal on my list: Read one non-fiction book per month…thanks Dave Ramsey. 😉

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