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Earlier this year I was introduced to a program through Des Moines Area Community College – Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses. It’s a program for small businesses that helps its graduates, and their businesses, make more money and hire more employees. This is accomplished through identifying and developing a Growth Opportunity for your business. The highly-concentrated curriculum was developed by Babson College – U.S. News & World Report’s No. 1 undergraduate school for entrepre­neurship for 23rd consecutive years.

When I heard about the program, I was already pretty busy, not only running a Marketing & Web Development business in the Des Moines suburbs, but the activities of everyday life that come with a with a wife and family with 3 active kids — so, what could one more commitment hurt? The calendar was completely full already.

I’ve talked about the program in a number of groups that I’m involved with and some of you may know people who’ve been involved in the program, or have heard people talk about it at some of the local Chambers of Commerce. Some of you may have already applied, which is great!

The program was exceptional, not only from the instructors and program directors at DMACC, but it was amazing (and therapeutic, at times) to discuss ideas and learn about the pains that other business owners in our cohort had gone through (or were currently going through). The program isn’t specific to certain industries, so the cohort to which I belonged included tech companies and consultants; accountants; manufacturers; restaurants and breweries; cafes and markets; media companies; distributors; auto mechanics and collision repair centers; health, wellness, and beauty advisors; retailers; veterinarians; and construction companies and contractors—just about anything you could imagine.

I can say it was the most valuable 73 days that I’ve ever invested into myself and my business. Go do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Farmboy Friends Goldman Sachs 10KSB 2020 Referral

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Todd Carlson

Congrats on the award!!!

I would be interested in joining the program.

Could you forward details on how to register? The links on your post all come back to this page at Farmboy.


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