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Is anyone else amazed at all of the mobile phone (or are these things now called “devices”?) companies that introduce the new, latest, greatest model, seemingly EVERY month!? Each installment: faster, sleeker, brighter and more powerful than its predecessor.

I’ve never owned a BlackBerry, a Palm or something called an HTC–anyone figure that acronym out yet? The Droid just seems too complicated, although I loved all those Teminator movies, and did you realize that Motorola actually pays royalties to George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, for the use of his copyrighted name “droid”?

I resisted “Smartphones” altogether up until about 3 years ago, despite being a pretty savvy technology and computer user. Why? I like simplicity. I don’t care, as the viral Xtranormal video suggests, if the new HTC phone will build me an island and then transform into a jet and fly me to it–you can search HTC vs iPhone on YouTube and make sure the kids aren’t in the room (earmuffs). I don’t want something that is going to be obsolete, or yesterday’s news, next week.

Apple has this one figured out: release ONE new model every year or so, implement the necessary improvements to the previous installment–faster, bigger screen and resolution, etc.–and make it EASY to use. My 5 year old daughter can get to what she wants on my wife’s iPhone 3G (yes we’re still using the phone from 3 years ago–I’m not renewing any contracts with the pending iPhone to Verizon rumors).

These same principles should apply to your business. State your message clearly, produce a lights-out product (or service) and make it easy for your customers to apply to their current workflow or lifestyle. Don’t try to reinvent yourself every month, or bring in so many features that the overall quality of your product becomes diluted. Target your strengths and deliver them to your customers and clients.

…now just give me the iPhone on Verizon.


Mike Wagner

“Target your strengths and deliver them to your customers and clients.” Well said!

Complexity paralyzes, while simplicity liberates the consumer to act with confidence.

Apple does indeed “get it”!

Thanks for the post. You’ve got my mind racing.

Keep creating…it freaks out Iowans,

Jason McArtor

Mike-I appreciate the feedback. I’m going to try to keep my content fresh, hopefully something new on a weekly-ish basis. Thanks for checking out my new site.


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