Is Your Company Marketing Helping You Attract and Retain Employees?

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Is Your Marketing Helping You Attract and Retain Employees

Often a company focuses its marketing efforts on improving the customer experience and satisfaction. However, there is an entirely different audience that is often overlooked by businesses – employees. Your workforce is the largest representation of your organization. Poor employees equal unhappy customers. It’s important to make sure they are as proud of your company as you are. In today’s digital society, if you tell someone where you work, there’s a chance they’ll Google it to check out their website. And your company brand doesn’t just affect current employees – it affects prospective employees as well.

Recruiting new and retaining current employees is clearly a marketing strategy, not an administrative task. From establishing and maintaining a company brand to converting a job candidate into an actual hire, recruitment is part of a company’s sales process. It is just as important as the marketing of your company’s services. Prospective employees want to take a job that they can brag about to their friends. Everyone wants to work for a cool company, right? If your branding or website is struggling while your competitors are spot-on, you may find yourself getting fewer applications from desirable recruits. They are going to go work for someone else that has a brand and website that makes them feel good and look good to their peers. 

The job market is competitive right now and demand for construction and contractor services has never been greater. It’s vital to drive engagement with both job candidates and customers. Your employees are your greatest asset, and your company’s success is dependent on attracting and retaining top talent. Is your current marketing branding your organization as an attractive place to work? Human resources and a marketing team can work together to enhance several areas of your company:

Employee Engagement

It’s in your company’s best interest to have top-notch employee satisfaction and retention. When employees are excited and invested in their company, they perform better and stick around longer because it’s perceived as both a great workplace and business. Conveying a company brand and culture to every internal and external party is an important HR and Marketing function. To maximize efforts, a strategic marketing plan is crucial. It takes both HR and a marketing team to build a brand that creates customer and employee loyalty.

Brand Messaging

Recruiting top talent is becoming similar to acquiring customers in the current construction and contractor job market. Building a well-thought-out and cohesive brand message that resonates with customers, candidates, and current employees is vital. The story of your company is the foundation of your brand, and your employees are often the best advocates of your organization’s mission and values. Marketing strategies can help to effectively share a brand’s message internally and externally. People buy Apple products because of the quality. People work for Apple because they see a great job opportunity. When you communicate your brand to prospective customers, you are selling a product or service. When you communicate your brand to potential or current employees, you are selling a work experience.

Company Culture

Your company culture is the core component of your organization’s brand. Employees must be in alignment with the company culture. So how do you get your employees to rally behind it? A marketing team can aid in promoting the values and the mission of your company internally, in turn improving employee retention and attracting potential job candidates.

Social Media

A Marketing team and social media are perfectly aligned to leverage your company’s social media channels for modern recruitment marketing. The right strategy in place can improve HR’s efficiency in finding and hiring top talent. Building and promoting a social media presence can improve communication for your company, offering a unique way to create a cohesive message that attracts both customers and new employees. Social media can be leveraged beyond job promotion. It can be used to promote your company culture, your brand, and show why your company is a great place to work. 

When a company and marketing firm collaborates, the company can gain both impact and visibility when marketing for customers, job candidates, and employee retention. Working in tandem ensures that your company will draw in the best job candidates and keep them. A partnership between your company and a marketing firm will have a long-lasting effect in driving your company forward. 

Reach out to discuss how a strategic marketing plan can help your company obtain and attract top talent. Let’s talk about how your marketing can position your company for growth.



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