So…How Much Does A Website Cost?

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My mom always told me that it’s not polite to ask how much something costs — but we all want to know how much a really nice website costs — right? Over the years at Farmboy we’ve received requests for proposals from everyone from municipalities and organizations, to entrepreneurs developing their dream. While some companies tend to hide their fees, we find that it’s more efficient to get expectations established early on in the creative process, to make certain that the project is a good fit for both parties.

We offer high quality services to clients to fit their specific needs and budgets. While our sweet spot for a website is in the $9,000 — $15,000 for small to mid-sized businesses looking for a fair amount of customization and flexibility, we tailor each project to the budget and expectations of the client.

Turnkey Websites

Websites for $2,000 — $5,000

At this price point, we have website solutions that go beyond the typical limited template sites offered by many local freelance web designers. We use a robust WordPress framework that not only allows us to deploy a site quickly offers flexibility and scalability. A website in this range would be a turnkey solution for a client that would be deployed at a low setup fee and supported at a monthly fee around the cost of a cable bill, based on the specific services and features the client requires.

Small Business Website

Websites for $5,000 – $10,000

This is a typical range for a small business website, a restaurant website, a small organization website, or a personal branding website.

These sites could include e-commerce solutions, and various modules to generate leads, attract social media followers or grow an email list.

Custom Website

Websites for $10,000 – $25,000

The majority of our website work falls into this general space, for clients who want a custom website, built around the specific needs of their business.

At this price point, we offer a completely custom WordPress solution to our clients with fully custom content areas, and dynamic hooks to site content and features.

Enterprise Website

Websites for $40,000+

The sky is the limit for these larger clients, whether a municipality, or a large organization or corporation. These sites may contain large staff directories, member areas, and vast sections of products or services.

The bottom line is that we offer website solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes, tailored to their specific needs and budgets – large, small, or somewhere in between.

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