New Website Launch: WReeves & Associates

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The Farmboy Web Development team recently relaunched an updated website for WReeves and Associates.

WReeves and Associates is an organization that represents quality manufacturers of the latest, cutting-edge safety equipment and products. The ever-changing vehicles and demand for a safer work environment drive us to be the best.

WReeves didn’t want over-the-top bells and whistles, that’s the job of the manufacturers they represent.

The new website direction was direct and concise.

  1. Keep it clean.
  2. Make it responsive for all devices.
  3. Reorganize content to be easily navigated. User Conversion was critical!
  4. Showcase manufacturer product lines.
  5. Keep it clean.

And clean was the end result. Now they can truly lead their industry with quality products and unmatched service.

Visit the all-new website for WReeves and Associates.

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