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Mind Your Manners…and Your Business
It's not just what we say, but how we say it. Mind your business by minding your manners.
Creative Case Study: Pennie Carroll & Associates Branding & Identity
PennieCarroll_SiteLayout_09 There’s an area in the business of Graphic Design and branding we feel doesn’t get touched upon much. You, the designer, have created a very nice branding and identity system and sit down with your client to hand them the keys to their shiny new “Porsche”. You shake hands and your client hits the road with the best of intentions… Down the road, you find yourself looking the other way as they ...
Need to Change Your Personal Facebook Page Vanity URL?
Yes, you can change the URL to your personal Facebook page.
Avoid Pitstops in Your Projects…Carry a Map
Get from Point A to Point be with fewer road bumps by adopting systems in your workflow.
Got Goals?
Whether you're an entrepreneur, an executive or an entry-level employee, get away from the daily grind with goals.
Simplicity Sells
Adopt Apple's product model, simplicity, into your business. Target your strengths and deliver them to your customers and clients.
From Graphic Design to Business Development
Jason McArtor aspires to merge his background in Graphic Design with Business Development to improve business perception with Farmboy Inc.
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