Find Your Voice: Farmboy’s Podcast “You’re On Mute” Can Help

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Farmboy, Inc. is a premier name in Midwest web and marketing. Our podcast, You’re on Mute, delivers a fresh, relevant perspective direct from our marketing team. We give our listeners tips, tricks, and advice on how to grow a brand. We answer hard-hitting questions like: “Is multitasking still a relevant soft skill?” and “which celebrity would be rolling in their grave if they saw their merch was now available in big box stores?”

Believe it or not, we don’t just do this for fun. Podcasting is a valuable marketing tool for businesses of any size.

You're on mute podcast from Farmboy





Widen your audience. Podcasts can reach an audience far outside your local network—people anywhere can listen anytime. You’ll be able to reach an audience that may not have the time to sit down and concentrate on a blog article. Most media formats require your full attention, but podcasts can be listened to on the go.

Boost your visibility. The more places your brand is visible, the better! Content on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music introduces your brand to more people. Including relevant links (such as your website and social handles) in the episode’s show notes can redirect traffic to your business.

Prove your authority. Podcasts provide another opportunity to prove yourself as an industry leader. Sharing your thoughts and expertise establishes your brand as innovative, knowledgeable, and relevant. Your audience wants to learn something from your podcast, so teach them!

Create versatile, high-value content. The lifetime of a podcast is forever. New listeners who find your podcast can revisit your previous episodes. Listeners can return to any episode they find particularly enjoyable or informative. Additionally, you can repurpose podcasts into other content forms like blog posts, email campaigns, and YouTube videos. 

Low-cost. Generally, podcasting production is low-cost. You don’t need to purchase special equipment or learn new programs. The podcasting necessities are a computer, microphone, and recording software. If your computer is reasonably modern, it likely has a built-in microphone; and a variety of free recording software is readily available. External microphones and advanced software may help you produce higher-quality content down the line, but simple equipment is all it takes to get started.

Build your community. Podcasts give an authentic view of the people behind your business. Consumers want to know the face, voice, and personality of the brands they support. Showing your company as an entity comprised of real people and not as a corporation is crucial when learning how to build a successful brand.

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday, and learn how to grow your brand successfully and fear-free.


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