Project Category: Art Direction

Branding, Packaging, Illustration, & Web Development

Ranch Hands Cover Photo

Farmboy collaborated with Ranch Hands to develop branding, packaging, and develop a website for online sales of their products. The Ranch Hands line is a line of skincare products professionally formulated for ranchers & hard working hands. Their tagline is straight and to the point, “you can buy crap or buy what you need.” We…

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Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Web Development, & Identity

GreatGreenFees Folder Close Up

GreatGreenFees is a multifaceted marketing service for golf course owners. Instead of heavily discounting their rates during slow periods through daily deal sites, GreatGreenFees gives operators to create specials on the fly, keeping all profits for their business. Farmboy has been working with GGF for nearly 10 years, having developed their brand, website, and every…

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Custom Magazine & Newsletter Publishing


Custom Publishing by Farmboy has been a way for companies throughout Iowa and beyond to put their best foot forward with carefully crafted memorable work. From community magazines and corporate publications to annual reports, Farmboy handles projects of all sizes.

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Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

In partnership with myTown Magazines, Farmboy lent their creative services to develop advertising campaigns for existing brands who advertised within their publications. We are strong believers that all you need for a good campaign is consistency, good photography, and a good message. Besides developing campaign messaging, Farmboy was often on-site art directing photoshoots and every…

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