5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

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Video has emerged as the undisputed winner among all types of content to engage internet users. The importance of video marketing for boosting your brand visibility and growth is undeniable. It’s the future of digital marketing and now is the time for businesses big and small to invest in it.

If your business hasn’t yet made the investment, Farmboy wants to share its top five reasons video marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy. Press play to begin!

1. Builds Brand Credibility

One of the key marketing goals for any brand is to earn customer trust. You need to establish yourself as a credible and authoritative brand. Videos not only deliver information but also help connect your brand with your target audience. This type of marketing engages your audience and triggers emotions necessary to build a long-term relationship.

Video marketing can be used as a medium to communicate with a target audience, share values and visions, address customer needs, and win their confidence to trust your brand.

2. Helps Educate Consumers About Your Products Or Services

If you’re launching a new product or service, there’s no better way to educate an audience than creating a series of explainer videos. Take a product demo presentation, for example. The presentation may run for several pages, but all the information can fit into a few minutes of a brand video.

3. Boosts Conversions & Sales

Let’s face it, it’s a competitive market and you’d do anything to improve conversion rates. Yet, adding a video to landing pages increases the likelihood of converting traffic into customers. The logic behind this is simple — videos are a powerful tool to convince visitors of the value of your products or services. By seeing a video, potential customers feel more confident in making a buying decision.

4. It’s Essential For SEO

Not only do audiences love videos, but Google loves them as well, especially YouTube ones. In fact, having at least one embedded video in the page you want to rank, the chances of ranking higher in search results multiply. A simple strategy is making a video about the written topic on a particular page. This can improve its chances of ranking higher in the SERPs.

And if you’re considering investing in ads on Google or Facebook, videos are a great way to boost efforts.

5. Boosts Social Sharing

Consumers love sharing the videos they like on social media. If you pay attention to Instagram Reels, or Tik Tok, you know how videos have a tendency to go viral overnight. If you create engaging and insightful videos, your audience will enjoy watching and share with their connections.

Fun fact: Instagram’s algorithm is much more likely to share your post if it’s in the form of a video reel. Static photos don’t cut it anymore.

Social sharing can improve brand visibility, establish authority, and drive traffic to your website. This is a fun way to show off your brand personality, a super important asset in telling a brand’s story. This simple video has more than 2,000,000 plays and more than 75,000 Likes. It also helped the company secure several custom projects from around the country

Are You Ready to Invest in Video Marketing?

When done right, you can achieve specific goals and earn a great ROI with video marketing. The trick is to use the right kind of videos for different purposes, and use visual storytelling and emotional appeal to connect with your audience. Lights, Camera, Action!

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