Embracing Change: Wendy’s Journey Through Slogans and Success

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Embracing Change: Wendy's Journey Through Slogans and Success Cover Image

The business world is always moving. Over time, consumers’ general lifestyles, preferences, and attitudes change. Successful organizations adapt by changing with them.

Change is the only constant in the dynamic world of business. For companies to thrive, they must be willing to embrace change, whether it’s in the form of a new logo, slogan, or marketing strategy

We get it. Change isn’t easy. Logos, slogans, and marketing tactics take time, brains, and money. However, a fresh new outlook helps propel businesses forward.

Wendy’s, the popular fast food chain, is an excellent example of a business who embraces change. Their long-standing reputation as a well-loved fast food chain is built upon this astute understanding.

Historically, Wendy’s has been unafraid to employ new slogans and marketing strategies. These changes are deliberate efforts to connect with their audience’s changing tastes and preferences.

Clever slogans and innovative marketing keeps the Wendy’s brand fresh and relevant. Let’s take a look at some of Wendy’s past slogans and marketing campaigns to highlight the importance of adaptability and innovation.

The Early Years and Struggles:

Wendy’s, after experiencing early growth, faced challenges in the highly competitive fast-food market. Sales flattened as the company failed to establish brand differentiation.

The turning point came in the mid-1980s with the iconic, “Where’s the beef?” campaign. It featured Clara Peller, who quickly became a pop culture phenomenon.

“Where’s the beef?” broke through the noise with its candidness and humor. Clara Peller’s straightforward question resonated with consumers. The campaign cleverly dug at competition by highlighting how Wendy’s patties are larger than their rivals’.

This is just the beginning of Wendy’s willingness to take risks and adapt to change for sustained success.

The Dynamic World of Wendy’s Slogans:

Wendy’s has consistently adopted new slogans to keep them relevant and successful. Over the years, they’ve captured their brand essence through many clever taglines. Enjoy this trip down memory lane, and witness how Wendy’s sustains a brand identity that resonates with generations.

  • 1970–present: Quality Is Our Recipe
  • 1977–1980, 1987: Hot-N-Juicy
  • 1977: We fix ’em 256 ways (alternate slogan)
  • 1978–1979: Juicy hamburgers
  • 1980–1981: Wendy’s Has the Taste
  • 1981–1982: Ain’t No Reason to Go Anyplace Else
  • 1982–1985: You’re Wendy’s Kind of People
  • 1983–1985: That’s fresh, that’s class, that’s Wendy’s (Canada)
  • 1983–1984: Parts is parts
  • 1984–1986: Where’s the beef?
  • 1985–1988: Choose Fresh, choose Wendy’s(Originally used alongside “Where’s the Beef?”)
  • 1987–1993: Give a little nibble

This was meant to be an attention-catching phrase that emphasized Wendy’s better-tasting hamburger. The commercials showed customers ripping off chunks of meat from an absurdly large hamburger.

However, this commercial was a flop. After a poorly received seven-week run, Wendy’s pulled the commercial, and went hunting for a new advertising agency. 

  • 1988–1992: The best burgers in the business.
  • 1989–1998: The best burgers and a whole lot more (also was printed inside the hamburger wrappers during the 1990s)
  • 1996–1998: The Best Burgers Yet!!
  • 1997–present: You can eat great, even late
  • 2001–2005: It’s hamburger bliss.
  • 2002–2004: It’s better here
  • 2003–2007: It’s Always Great, Even Late. (Canada)
  • 2004–2007: Do what tastes right. (Primary slogan)
  • 2005–present: It’s good to be square.
  • August 2006 – March 2008: That’s right.
  • August 2006 – March 2008: Uh-Huh.
  • 2007–2008: Hot Juicy Burgers
  • August 2007 – October 2009: It’s way better than fast food… It’s Wendy’s. (United States)
  • August 2007 – October 2009: It’s way delicious. It’s Wendy’s. (Canada)
  • August 2007 – October 2009: Carrément bon. C’est Wendy’s. (EN: “Squarely good. It’s Wendy’s.”) (Quebec, Canada)
  • January 2010 – April 2012: You know when it’s real.
  • March 2012 – 2016: Now that’s better.
  • 2016–2019: Not just different, deliciously different.
  • 2019–present: We got you.
  • 2023–present: Square’s the beef

Wendy’s latest campaign slogan, “Square’s the beef”, is a clever callback to their 1984-86 campaign. This humorous approach appeals to nostalgia in a comical, modern way.

Each slogan reflects Wendy’s understanding of customers’ evolving tastes and preferences. This ability to shift slogans with new market dynamics testifies to their willingness to embrace change.

Challenges and Innovations:

Dave Thomas, Wendy’s founder, passed away in 2002. He was more than just the founder; he was the face of the company. His down-to-earth persona and commitment to quality resonated with customers and contributed to the brand’s unique charm. His passing meant Wendy’s needed a new way to maintain a connection with its audience. 

The company faced challenges without its charismatic and visionary leader. The absence of Dave Thomas raised concerns about how Wendy’s could maintain its unique advertising identity. The company faced the task of identifying new ways to capture the company’s essence—a blend of quality, freshness, and a touch of humor.

Several attempts, such as the introduction of “Mr. Wendy,” were not successful. However, Wendy’s persisted, returning to animated campaigns and utilizing product placements. Ultimately, Wendy’s succeeded by retaining the brand’s humor and relatability while introducing new perspectives.


Wendy’s journey through various slogans and marketing campaigns showcases the importance of embracing change. The ability to adapt, innovate, and stay attuned to consumer preferences has allowed Wendy’s to remain a relevant and successful player in fast food.

Businesses, big or small, can draw inspiration from Wendy’s story and understand that change should not be feared. It should be embraced for sustained growth and success. 

Are you ready for the change? Talk it through with the experts. Farmboy excels in elevating brand aesthetics, slogans, and marketing campaigns. We’re here to help businesses, old and new, sustain success for years to come.

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