Illustration, Icon & Logo Development, Infographics, & Collateral

Farmboy worked with Bridgestone in Des Moines creating various in-house illustrations, icons, infographics, and other assets.

Many illustrations were utilized on their internal social network “” (Bridgestone Americas Agricultural). The client wanted to showcase Des Moines’ colorful landscape and so we recreated well known sights and buildings of the DSM metro to be shown on the site’s landing page. To add an extra level of fun we created 4 variations for each season, each showing unique activities that you’ll only enjoy during those times. Much of the infographic data is proprietary, but you’re more than welcome to peruse the colorful assets we’ve curated for our portfolio.

BAAG Logo Des Moines Bridgestone Mural Des Moines Mural Assets 1 Des Moines Mural Assets 2 Des Moines Bridgestone Firestone Plant Principal Park Illustration Des Moines Capital Illustration Des Moines Principal Illustration Bridgestone Character Graphics Bridgestone Character Full BAAG Infographic Art BAAG Infographic Assets 2 Bridgestone-icons-2013_1125-1_29 Bridgestone 70th Anniversary Poster